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I am new to Chods Cheats.

I currently ( For 12+ hours) Do not have a USB at hand... I am also very bored and feel the need to play csgo.

I need to know is there any way to spoof a usb on windows right now?? And be able to use the hack? Or Do i have to wait until i get my usb's back?

Thanks for taking the time to read through my stupid question as I am a idiot for not being able to find my usb's..ffs *Facepalm

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Thanks but Client still knows its not being ran on a usb. Still requesting to be put on one when executed :(

The only way this would be possible is if whatever you use creates a virtual thumb drive that windows identifies as a local disk instead of a removable drive, which defeats the whole point of a virtual USB drive.

I have used a virtual USB drive many time. Of course, its still not officially supported.

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