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I was a longtime user of Chods way back in the day when he first released his cheat (SMF those were the days). So I have a few questions, why have the payment options only gone to one month is there reason behind this or just business. I remember when the big crash happened with Chods and I never got around to reregistering or anything like that and lost track of what all has been happening. I know things have changed since Chods first came out and I understand that, but here are my questions now:

  • Will it remain Month to Month?
  • Security Improvements? (Never got hit just asking)
  • Feature Improvements? - Aimbot, Triggerbot, ESP Style, etc...

Thanks in advanced for the answers.

Nice to see some old people came back from the dead (kdr723)

Also heard Chod was selling EA, I had a few questions on that as well.



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1. We felt that users only really bought month to month, and it doesn't "bind" users as much to our site. At this time we don't have any plans regarding implementing longer subscriptions.

2. We did implement vac guard, and some other stuff.

3. RCS has been reworked

I can't exactly remember if it were just v1 or v2 back then, but I'm going to assume v2.

Our sale page should give you a good idea if it were an older version.

Trigger hitbox filter, trigger overburst, trigger afterburst, trigger hitchance, chams not showing through walls, scripting engine.

Our cheat is now legit only/focused on legit play.

There's probably more that I may have forgotten, the sale page is probably best fit for telling the differences.

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