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[CS:GO] It's good , but ..

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I've purchased Chods for around for around 1 month in around April 2014, then for another 3 months I believe at the end of last year.

The first month I used Chods, I was immediately banned, probably because of overwatch due to bad settings. I did however purchase a new account and went on to do some config research.

I ended up using some config made by a guy called "Jstylah", and played successfully for the rest of the month.

After that I think I purchased another 3-month subscription around November the same year, however at the same time Chods was having big issues and were rewriting the entire anti-cheat system or something.

The bot was taken down, but everyone were given time extentions after the long downtime. So I think my subscription was between December 14 till February 15.

However, and there was little to no support for legit configs, Jstylah's config was "taken down" because it was deemed unsafe and as a person who has very little skill when it comes to making my own config, I basically couldn't use the the cheat at all during my entire subscription, as my options were A) Experiment with custom settings, and end up getting a free VACation cause I have no idea about what I'm doing or B) Don't cheat, wait till the config is released as promised.

Aimbot: 10/10

I used Jstylahs RCS configure, having pretty good aim initially, the aimbot just allowed me to hit a few more clutch shots.

Triggerbot: 9/10

Don't know how to score this, it's extremely hard to get the trigger looking legit because it's so powerful. But it's so powerful.

ESP: 8/10

I primarily only used the boxes, especially on death. They were working perfectly and are really good. It's really hard to NOT use them, while it's hard to be legit while using them.

Chams I used occassionally, it was really helpful and nice. Very smooth and didn't seem to be fps draining.

Detection: 10/10

The cheat was disabled the minute it was deemed unsafe, which probably saved mine and many other players accounts. Really good safety initiative by Chods.

Uptime: 3/10

There was some long downtimes due to re-writting some anti-cheat guard system from scratch, just as I purchased my subscription, it was however compensated for.

However, several of the made-available user-configs were unsafe after this. And they were made by other users or moderators, not by official staff. So despite time being compensated, there were no configs and I couldn't use the cheat in the end.

Staff / Community: 6/10

I got decent help with most things, such as payments. The second subscription I couldn't get any legit and safe configs, so I couldn't use the cheat.

Ease Of Use: 6/10

There is generally a go-to legit config, and it's generally pretty easy to get it working etc. However, when there isn't. You're basically paying for nothing (unless you're an expert config maker yourself) since there is seemingly no way to pause/freeze your subscription time. It'll tick whether or not you can use it. Personally I'm really sour because I paid for 3-months and I didn't get to use it for more than 4-5 days in total. But when Jstylahs config was available, it was extremely easy to use.

Would I buy another subscription?

Probably not. I want too, but I feel like it's not a good idea.

While I loved Chods when it was working, it sucked to donate money away cause there wasn't enough support to get it working when Jstylah's configs disappeared, and it was dissappointing to the extent where I haven't touched CS for half a year. I'm personally afraid that if I went on to purchase a new subscription, something similar would happen.

I would warmly recommend it tho, if you're confident you'll be able to make your own configs if needed.

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If one were to design a config without any scripts it should be safe, even in that time period.

But yeah I've been trying to push Jstylah to recreate his config.

But using any cheat brings a risk.

If you want to I can give you some sub as an exclusive offer.

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