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unranked Accounts with CS:GO and 5 Year Coin + 7/8 Digits


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Im selling following accounts:

unranked Steamaccounts (7/8 Digits - random) with 5 Year Coin and CS:GO (+CSS and HL) for 10,50€

and I sell

5 Digits for 25€ (1.6 + HL)

6 Digits for 5€ (1.6 + HL)

7 Digits for 3€ (CSS + HL)

8 Digtis for 2€ (CSS + HL)

Payment: Paypal, Paysafecard (50% upcharge), Skins (100% upcharge)


I never go first (but we can use a middleman)

If you buy more - we can talk about a lower price - if you only buy 1 piece - dont ask!

the accounts are unused + unplayed

If you have any questions please ask me via pm.

(Im a trusted seller alreade on pgcheats.rocks with a MPP 57/0/0 - 100% positiv) I can post screens or an Admin can check ;)

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