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Just a few questions


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Ok, so, I'm very new to the cheating scene, I'll admit it. After a bit of research, I found Chod's and thought it seemed pretty good. I've just got a few questions which I couldn't find or didn't understand in the FAQ

-Firstly, how exactly would I go about installing it. Like I said, I'm pretty knew to this stuff, so I have no idea how I would install it.

-Secondly, I am using this to boost myself, so would it be stupid of me to use this on my main account (only for one month). I know it would be preferable to buy a knew account, but I'm tight on money, so I gave myself the option of either a smurf or this, and I chose this.

-Finally, because I am indeed new to this, is a suitable enough hack for someone who is reasonably tech savvy, but not in these terms?

Thanks for any help whatsoever,


P.S I know I need to be subtle with this, I'm only planning on using the least obvious options like Radar (Maybe a bit of trigger bot too :D).

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We don't require any installation, we only require some normal libraries that programs normally use, and that you run the cheat from a USB.

It is always stupid to use any cheat on your main, a banwave for the cheat provider you could be using could happen at any time.

Which game do you specifically mean? CS:GO is v3 which is simpler than v2, and we do have a startup guide, and a guide that explains what features does.

I wouldn't say it is needed to be a tech savvy.

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Thanks for the quick reply Emiiru,

I realise that I did forget to specify the game, so yes, it was CS:GO. You've definitely helped, so thank you for that.

I think I have been convinced, and will be purchasing Chod's as soon as I get the time.

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