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CS:GO testimonial

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yes guys im back

So I recently bought the cs:go cheat (its cheap for 10pounds) and what I have to say is:

(All ratings out of 10)

Aimbot [10]

This cheat is possibly having the best legit aimbot I've used. It's not obvious at all on demos, and I can still gain an advantage. Normally I'm double ak (yes i'm trash) but with chodes I'm a LEM. I've had this since the 1st of this month and I've already configured.. There's a lot of configs on the forums that you can try out. If you don't find any suiting, you should modify one as the base.

ESP [9]

It's good. I use the Dead ESP script (Jstylah?). Only thing I would like is for the Box ESP to actually be a 2D box around a player (not a half-square)

Visuals [10]

There are many crosshairs, up to 5 if I'm right. I don't use the crosshairs though. The main thing I use is chams. It has 3 different types: default/normal, health (turn red if low hp, etc), and rainbow. Health can be annoying sometimes as it's green for everyone if everyone's health is 100; same with team.

I'll continue this at a later date

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