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New customer testimonial, have paid for numerous cheats.

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Alright so here it is, I have purchased other cheats in the past and these are ones that cost much more then this. I have to mention that the ones that cost more then this also provide league AC as well.

Your cheat Chod is amazing. For the price you get an out-standing amount of features. To the nay sayers saying not to buy it, I think you are completely wrong and have abused the configurations and forced your own bans upon your self.

I have been using this cheat for the last two weeks or so to give it a fair try and I have not yet ventured in to the V3 but so far it works amazing. Very discreet and very human like, a lot like the higher costing cheats.

I only ever play MM and have done 70+ games with this cheat thus far with ZERO bans and 1-2 accusations. I have been cheating in CS since 1.6 and I am very used to playing legit while cheating. I use the aim bot with RCS settings, I did not load any other config other then the defaults loaded in program upon start. I did change a few minor things like the FOV but that is it.

Aside from AIM I use ESP and for that I only ever enable names and bomb. Everything else is disabled. I feel the more features you're using at once the more likely you are to be banned, keep it simple folks and use your brain.

Chods cheats are not broken, it is 99.9% the customers fault for a ban.

Thank you Chod and to all of your other staff this cheat is fantastic.

I have quit playing leagues so I will continue to use this cheat instead of the more expensive ones!!


Just noticed my topic typo haha.


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I've fixed the title, thanks for the review! :)

Hope v3 won't disappoint you.

No need to thank :)

Going to try out v3 right now after I find the config that someone posted here earlier for it.

Used to using the other one, hope v3 is pretty familiar.

Thanks again!

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