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Hi everyone, after 6 months of using the cheat I think

I am able to assess it correctly, I will divide the testimonial

into smaller parts about each of the features of the cheat.

Please bear in mind that the cheat has been updated since I wrote this testimonial, I will not update it right now as I am busy doing other things. Chod has been a great coder of the cheat itself but from what I've seen suffered from a series of detections this year. Some of the detections were not caused by VAC (Untrusted) so they were not in his control and all providers that I know of were affected. I wish the best of luck to Chod and any new Chod Cheater's c: Thanks for coding such a great cheat!

Triggerbot 10/10

Lots of options, fast, precise, easy to configure and legit looking

if configured and used correctly and with common sense.

I've tried a number of other cheats with triggerbots but none

were at the same standard as Chod has now made.

ESP 10/10

Definetly the best looking, awesomest, feature rich

ESP in cheating history. It dosen't clutter the screen,

it has this great look instead of just normal boxes when

using box ESP.

It also has most options you would ever use and a little more.

Visuals 8/10

I've got to lower the grade here mostly because of the white

textures you get after shutting visuals off and the slight fps drop,

otherwise they are mindbogglingly good looking

(not just red/blue colors as most cheats).

Aimbot N/A

I haven't used aimbot or played around with it enough because

I've felt that it wasn't really needed with such a good trigger.

I have used jstylahs configs so I've used it a little bit,

but not enough to really test it out.

Community 10/10

There are no other cheating communities like this one,

I've made a few friends here (and a few enemies of course) and most

people are really nice.

Total 9/10

Summary: The "neatest" cheat on the market! :3

Banwave not included in the score as all cheats are hit by banwaves sometimes,

Chod has not managed it perfectly, but still pretty good. (A lot better than some providers

that delete all VAC reports)

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I must say , the cheat is great , but the main problem with chods is providing the cheat to his customers (DDoS attacks , Website problems) , I hope this will improve in the near future.

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