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Dayz SA & BE


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First: When was the last Detection ?

Second: How do you feel about the new battle eye update that's coming out ?

Do you think it will pose a problem or merely a minor inconvenience ?

Third: And the new update (5.3) hows that coming along ?

And just a thought; Have you guys thought about doing a script hack so we can have teleport and dupes and stuff like that ?

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As far as I know we're taking it kinda casually, just looking out for the update ("January", "End of January", so many release times) and reading around a bit.

In my personal opinion I think it'll be more towards inconvenience, and just making people that create hacks move towards more efficient ways.

There's already public tools that you can use with your cheat to circumvent the BE update. (and the update has apparently been out on Arma2OA for a while)

We haven't really worked on 0.53 so far

No we haven't thought of this at the moment, the customers we have is seemingly very pleased with what we currently provide. (And we couldn't protect against custom scripts getting you banned if we implemented a script executer)

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