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Firstly been waiting so long, 4 months for Insurgency hack to be fixed still nothing. So what I am asking is can I have my extension for insurgency now but move it to Battlefield 4 instead? If the answer is yes : )

1) Does the Aimbot work in vehicles as well?

2) Does the Aimbot calculate bullet drop?

3) When your banned are you banned completely or do you just make another account and your good to go again? < (Most important questions here and below)

4) Does it work with Windows 8.1 Pro 64 Bit Currently?

5) Is it up-to-date?

7) Is it Insert key for hack menu?

Thanks for your time

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1. The aimbot does currently not work in vehicles.

2. Yes it calculates bullet drop.

3. Yes just create a new account

4. Yes it does.

5. Yes it is

6. I believe this was lost

7. Yes it is insert, but it can be changed.

Sorry you believe what was lost?

Also can you please extend my subscription just look through you PM's you will know that I'm owed a extension but obviously change it to BF4 if you haven't already not checked lol. Thanks

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