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Take a breath, calm down, and read around. Since you refuse to look around the forums I'll lay it all out for you.

Welcome back thread: http://forum.chods-cheats.com/showthread.php?11-Welcome-back-amp-important-information

Now the only info you probably care about in this thread is that you can get all of your time left on your sub, plus an extra free month.

How do you do that? Post in this thread: http://forum.chods-cheats.com/showthread.php?12-How-to-restore-your-VIP-status&p=28#post28

You must must must follow the instructions in the OP, mainly the format:

TransactionID: xxx

Payment email: [email protected]

Subscription: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Length: 1 month

Payment Gateway: Google/Paypal/Bitpay

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