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A few questions


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The last detection dates are on the Status page. 
You should not use it in your main account. No matter how safe it could be. 
There is always a risk. All features are safe. Although, there are a few that are marked as "risky" means that if someone else sees you using it, they most likely will report you and you'll be manually banned.

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I recommend not using it on your main account. If you're looking to play safe, only use wallhacks and try not to look at the boxes to make it less obvious. On the moderate scale to rage hacking you could use speedhacks (I highly recommend only going for 1.1x, going over 1.2x will make it obvious). Instant interaction on gens and auto hit great skillchecks are amazing tools but do not use it when your teammates are dead as they can spectate you. Huntress aimbot works best for me when there's no prediction on and only toggle the key when you're about to throw the hatchet otherwise you'd be seen locking on with aimbot to the survivors which makes it obvious. 


For ESP I disable hooks, chests and lockers as I don't need to see those when I'm playing killer. You could save some fps and reduce cluttering of the boxes by disabling ESP on objects you don't need. These are my advice to stay safe and avoid looking suspicious in any recording. Have a blast with dbd cheese!

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