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Deadside review


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Hello everyone,


Let me start by saying that this is merely my opinion about the cheat after using it for going 2 weeks. Hopefully this can be of use to those wanting to buy the cheat as well as the dev's for improvement purposes. I also want to state that there are way more hackers in this game than what you could imagine and you will often find yourself in a gunfight with another hacker. This to me is normally the measure of a really good cheat, if you can hold your own against other hackers. Sadly I must admit that the cheat falls short in this class and you can expect to be out-gunned when you go head to head.


But here is my honest review;


Overall Rating: 5/10


Aimbot: 3/10

The aimbot "feels" weak and often miss the intended target. I have experimented with smoothing, prediction and instant hit, tuned it on and off in all combinations and it just does not do what you expect it to do. This issue compounds the longer the distance that your target is from you. It is almost impossible to hit the target with a Mosin at 100m. I do like the fact that you can select the part of the body you want to target, hitting it (like head) is another story though.


Prediction: 2/10

You can clearly see how your cursor leads the target when prediction is turned on, but your bullet will comfortably fly past your targets head. I thought that using instant hit in combination with prediction could be the issue, but sadly prediction still failed with instant hit turned off. Prediction even sometimes miss the target when its standing dead still. In my opinion it renders the aimbot useless.


Instant Hit: 7/10

This feature seems to work when you turn the prediction off. I must admit that it is hard to rate as there is not much difference with it turned on/off. 


No Spread/No Recoil: 10/10

This feature is what saved the use of the cheat for me and works great. You can rely on this when you aim normally in circumstance where the aimbot fails you. As long as you dont have shotgun aim you will be able to hold your own in most gunfights with this turned on. 


ESP: 5/10

This feature is a hit and a miss for me. On the good side I like that fact that it is customizable and allows you to select/set ESP for what you are looking for. I like the fact that you can see the content off lootboxes especially in a game where you need keys to open some lootboxes. On the downside you will find that the ESP text sometimes randomly spawns way up in the sky and not even close to the item. This clutters up your screen and makes it more difficult to find what your looking for. Another issue is that even though you can set the distance of objects to be up to 3000m, or even player ESP, it does not work beyond about 400m. I am not sure if this is a serverside issue where objects do not render further that about 400m, but it would be nice see objects and especially other players further out than 400m.



The cheat in it current state will still help you to survive much longer in Deadside, than without it. You will quickly figure out how to make use of what you got to still be successful. If all the feature in the cheat was working the way it was intended this would be an awesome cheat. The question remains, will I re-sub to this cheat? Sadly I must state that I will not. Once the aimbot issues at a minimum has been resolved I will be back with a vengeance. 



- Please fix the aimbot.

- Please fix the ESP.

- Please add if possible an unlock feature for lootboxes that are locked.


Happy hunting! See ya serverside!! 


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