My First Time Using Chod's

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Hey everyone, I'm a fairly new member to this community, and have purchased two (Mordhau and Apex) cheats from Chod's. I will be reviewing the Mordhau cheat after I use it some more, but as far as the Apex one goes... I LOVE IT! There are a couple of things to note, and so I will do exactly that. Let's start with a Pros and Cons of the cheat itself;


-Highly configurable aimbot that works like a charm

-Highly configurable recoil control system that works like a charm

-Highly configurable Player ESP that, you guessed it, works like a charm!

-thirdperson feature is cool but not as practical as the others.



-The aimbot sometimes acts up*

-Performance issues**

-PC freezes*** 


The pros are self explanatory, now, please give me a second to explain the cons.


*When I say "acts up", I'm referring to it sometimes snapping to targets behind me, outside of my FOV, or across the map. I know this is most probably an issue with my configuration of the "Distance and FOV" setting, the FOV itself, the meters for the distance, or some combination of all of the above. I have found that lowering the FOV helps a lot.


**The performance issues are slight for me (RTX 2070, 16GB DDR4 3200, 9600K, NVME SSD), but it is only when loading into a match, after the character selection screen. Basically, when you are dropping out of the ship, you will get a slight bit of lag due to the tremendous amount of boxes and colored lines around the players. This happens pretty much every game, but it can be avoided/reduced by doing one of two things; firstly, you can just use the master toggle (del) to disable all the hacks while dropping so it doesn't lag you out, secondly, you could turn the distance for the ESP down so that less boxes will show up as people drop out of the ship. Other than that, just deal with the lag for the first 12 seconds of the game, as once you move away from most people, you'll be fine (set your ESP distance to like ~398, cause let's be real- who needs to see squads 600 meters away?)


***This is probably the biggest con, as the others aren't really a nuisance. I have found that my pc freezes every single time after using the cheat. This happens when I close the game out. My PC will stay on, but it the screen will freeze, audio will stop coming through, and I can't type or use my mouse. This happens consistently, and I believe it has something to do with how Chod's says "RESTART YOUR PC AFTER USING OUR CHEATS". The solution to this problem is to restart your PC IMMEDIATELY after you close the game out. From my testing, you actually have around 20 seconds to restart your PC before it freezes. Restarting will always remedy this issue and make it so that your PC doesn't freeze.


Despite the abovementioned "cons", they certainly do not outweigh the pros of the cheat. All in all, I am absolutely in love with this cheat. It is worth every penny, I am definitely keeping renewal on :)

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