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Greetings, I am new and wanted to consult about the dbd hack, it says that it is Outdated, if I buy it I have to wait to use it or how does it work? Another query is reliable or undetectable, since I don't know how it works after buying it or what to do.

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At the moment it's outdated, seemed to happen about two days ago or so.
It needs to be updated before you can use it, so I would wait until it says Undetected just to be safe. It's worth the wait though, I've found it to be one of the best.

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Hey, this is in the FAQ: 


Q: Do you compensate service downtimes ?

A: Yes, we compensate the lost time once our service is back up. (Only for 24h+ downtimes)

This is automatically but only works when your subscription is still active.

If it expired just create a support ticket but wait until it works again.


So if you had a subscription and the service went down for 2 days, you get 2 days added on to your current time. At least this is how its worked for me in the past



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