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DeadSide review


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Notice for the options that I use all the time.


Aimbot: 4/10.


When I tested the imbot with the crosshair + a sight and that I aimed, the cross was not really in the middle of the sight of the sight, from there, I tested the whole with the mod "Predictions" and indeed, it is not famous .. at times I shoot completely next to the enemy while the lock is on it ...


Instant hit: 7/10


This option is terrible for bots .. Unfortunately less for gamers. Nonetheless, it is good overall.


No recoil + No spread: 10/10.


Very clearly, these two options make the coffee.


ESP (Wallhack): 10/10


Frankly great! The only thing missing is not being able to adjust the distance you can see players / bots.




This cheat is good but there are some things that are wrong .. In particular the interface that I find a little "simple" and the options not sufficiently developed and added for the price we pay ... To see over time if it will be improved, for the moment I will stay with you.


PS: This is my humble opinion and I do not destroy the cheat and the work done by the dev's because I still use it myself.


This message is used for referencing opinions on the Deadside cheat and it is also intended for Developers in order to be able to improve the software / cheat.


Good cheat everyone.

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