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Hunt: Showdown, how safe is ESP only


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Dear developers, fellow users!


I have a question, regarding the Hunt: Showdown hack, please reply if you have helpful information.

If I'm only using the ESP, carefully how safe is the software? Is it possible, to get banned using only the ESP without me being reported by other players? 

To be honest, I'm not very informed in this topic, but the your site seems very trustworthy, and i'd love to be your customer.

I'm planning on using it on my main account, and in long-term maybe with partners but only the ESP and nothing else. I know there's always a risk, but it'd be good to know something, before i purchase the cheat.

Naturally, I'm not looking for promises, just some insight about the topic.


Thank you in advance, have a nice day!


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Hey there!


I only USE the ESP. Using aimbot is sketchy and will get you reported. With the ESP you can just find the players, and engage them. Just please make sure to shoot them when you can see them! If you don't you could get reported for making impossible shots without line of sight. Also an important note. Use scoped weapons because it isn't as sketch. It will allow you to make clearer and longer shots without raising suspicion. Enjoy! This hack is great and Chods has always been my go to hacks. 

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