Apex Legend 1st Review ( 1 week user )

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Here is my first review of the Apex Cheat

Let's start with the basics:


  • Aimbot : 7.5/10

Why not put more? Because I would like to see more features in the future. I'm thinking of more fine-tuned settings for those who like to configure their aimbot. I'm also thinking about the FOV which can't be set below 1.1, the prediction mode which may not work very well sometimes ...

In spite of these little 'flaws', it's still very efficient and legit with good settings !


  • Wallhack : 10/10

Simple and effective. People would like to see more features like weapons, loot ect but personnaly i don't really care. See people is more than enough !

  • Recoil : 10/10

To be honnest I don't really use it. I choise low settings and it's perfect. It looks legit and it's usefull !


I don't know if you'll be able to offer more features later, it's always nice to see new features implemented!
For the moment, the cheat is more than satisfying especially for its price and its security in terms of detection!
It clearly deserves a 10/10 on this point !

I will surely do another review after a month of use to bring a new opinion and other ideas if I come up with them!

In my opinion, Chods cheat offers one of the best cheats for Apex on the market or even the best quality/price/safety ratio.

However, I have one criticism to make.

Cheat takes a lot of resources.
Without the hack I run at a 120-144 fps and when I have it running I run between 70 and 120 fps. It's a bit annoying but it's still playable!

Thank you for reading me, hoping to have brought you a constructive opinion! Have a good game !

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