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Hi ! I use it since 1 week.

Personnaly I use :

FOV : 1 ( Have a decent aim and it still a huge cercle )
Smooth : 20 - 30. ( Depend of the weapon, the type of scope and my FPS... )
RCS : 0.3 - 0.2 (
I don't use standalone RCS too )
Aimkey : Right clic

If you feel confortable you can also use different settings like :

FOV : 3.3
Smooth : 10
Aimkey : ( whatever you want except right clic. I like to use Ctrl )

These settings are cool when I want to play legit and I need help during a fight.

My mate don't think I'm cheater and they call me : 'god'. That's cool aha.
Obviously u won't chain top 1 but that's enough to do a good game with decent dmg ( between 1000 to 3000 ) and stay legit.

With this settings you should be close to a legit player rank high Plat.

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