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So seeing that there is only one from a user who is unhappy with their use of the mordhau product, I think it's only fair I give my own review and let you guys really know what I think.


I'll start with the automation - since that is what I have the most words to speak on about;

It works well, it blocks like 75% of hits, which certainly helps but it's not flawless - angles, timings, etc are not something that seems considered with this product, that's where it fails at with the most - For example; the executioner sword hits me due to the swing timing being large on the enemy's side so I block too early and then get hit - Not the most fun experience I'll be honest.

As for preserving stamina - it does - but not well. I usually find myself with 0 stamina in any dual due to it blocking even if the enemy swinging at you is too far to register a hit, causing a stamina loss. It's great if you have your own skillset, it is not a thing any new player could pick up and kick ass with due to the game having an insanely high skill curve.

Blocking projectiles works well, though again it blocks on shots that go nowhere near you - causing stamina loss. I personally would recommend adjusting block timing, especially if they are feinting which can catch the cheat off guard at times. Due to this being the main feature of a mordhau cheat and it being fairly important, I would say these are the most important issues but I digress - it works, just not perfectly.

Either way, automation does it's job the majority of the time but needs improvements on a few sides.

-Block Timing

-Projectile Checks [So it doesn't block if they aren't even shooting at you]

-Feint Checks


Moving onto aimbot and esp;

Aimbot is okay for close range fights, long range it struggles due to prediction, this game is simply not meant for aimbot - though it's certainly somewhat useful at times with bows and such, especially if they are on ballista's or just camping with a bow, but I personally do not enjoy it nor use it.

As for ESP - it works, though extremely unnecessary in a game like mordhau due to medpacks eventually getting marked, maps being open, etc. - It's helpful for finding a horse at times but honestly the use of it is minimal and unrequired for myself.


Not much to say about these 2 categories, it does it's job but as I mentioned this game is not something you can use an aimbot / esp in and have a huge advantage.

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