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 Apex speech

1:l've been a member of the Chods-Cheats family for a few months now, so let me share my feelings today

2:I've used apex cheats a lot, but the Chods-Cheats are the best I've ever come across and never let me down.

3:As for my suggestion of Chods-Cheats, I hope the Apex cheating can be used through OBS


ESP(10/10):Excellent ESP, customizable display of health, armor, and distance, allowing me to easily find out how much health an enemy has left and how much armor it can kill,Best of all, it doesn't lower your COMPUTER's FPS,This is better than any other cheating.


aimbot(10/10):Excellent aimbot, can customize the aimbot button, custom smoothing,Custom range, check visible enemies, 

It looks more like a legitimate user,It's hard for teammates to see that you're cheating


Other functions(10/10):The most outstanding function: when you are watched by an enemy or a teammate, cheating can automatically prohibit dangerous functions. This makes it difficult for the enemy and teammates to find out that you are using cheating and will not be reported. This makes you more like a legitimate user.


chods-cheats thank:Cheats apex cheating is the most outstanding cheating among all cheating, and it is also the reason why I recommend him to my friends to buy together. First of all, the price is reasonable and the function is powerful. The most important thing is that your account will be more secure if it is not found out for a long time,I hope apex can be used under obs,I hope I can consider my suggestion,It allows me to use it live without being noticed by the audience


I recommend all users who play apex to buy chods-cheats cheats, it is really safe and easy to use, I will always support chods-cheats in the future



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