When you play the SOT, you must play with chod !

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The functions provided by chod are very helpful when you play SOT

Especially island esp and map pin esp make you no longer have to look at the map of the ship when you sail.

No matter how far your destination is, or your ship is in a storm, or waves interfere with your course, you can point exactly at your desired destination.

It's incredibly convenient. Without it, I wouldn't want to play the SOT


Aimbot also boasts a good hit rate. 

In SOT, if you fire something from a moving ship, the projectile is affected by the ship's direction of travel, and the chod understood that mechanism accurately and reflected into aimbot. You can shoot the opponent accurately on a ship running at full speed

But in Cannon aimbot, I don't know if it has a good hit rate. It often misses


Besides that, you can see a lot of information about how full the ship's water amount is, where the storm is, where all the Item is.

In addition, most of the information is translated into your language. I use Korean but I can see npc, island esp, item, etc. in Korean through chod


There are also many other functions. Give it a try it XD

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