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Firstly id like to say I've tried many injectors before through several well known sites and chods is by far at the top by miles.


I play legit but sometimes I like to spice it up and have some aggressive games and do a little boosting with my pals.


I dont like being sus so overall the aim settings provided are easy to use and figure out to get the least sus settings as possible as I want my gameplay to look natural every game.

Being able to have auto bot turn off while being spectated by teammates and ppl you killed is a valuable asset to have as it makes you look that much more legit.


The visuals and distance are great and always accurate.


Spectator count helps as it loads quicker than the game so you know someone is watching you even before the game shows you!


The fov and smooth adjustments are super easy to dial in to your preferred settings. Customizable bot buttons are great as I dont like having it constantly enabled.

If you rage and have someone jump in and view you without having auto shut off on smashing the delete key to end all is a life saver.


overall im pretty impressed.


10/10 recommend and enjoy using this injector and will continue to support chods. 

The support and customer service is quick and responsive.


Thanks guys, great work.

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