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Hello, I'm very interested in your CS:GO cheat. I'm aware that it currently is disabled so I will not be buying it until it is available. Here I have a few questions about the client before I decide to buy it.

What caught my attention to was your "media" section, and one of your staff members - http://forum.chods-cheats.com/showthread.php?70-jumpstylah-s-Chod-Cheats-Video-Collection

I couldn't believe how legit it looked. If there is some way for Jumpstylah to toss me a link to download his configs that would be awesome.

I tried to use "Deadc0de" I spent the money for the hack and the instructions where by far just awful on how to install the client. Now I know you can't really see the instructions until you become a "VIP" member.... but I was kinda curious on how hard it is to actually install this client.

I'm an old school hacker, download the client, run the client and boot up the game. Now a days you gotta disable this, and disable that, make sure you run in administrator, type this in your "run". I did see that you guys inject your client through a "USB Drive".

I'm well aware of what a usb drive is, but DeadC0de was the same way and I had nothing but problems. I also spent a few days posting inside deadc0des website asking for help and got no response what so ever. I just don't want to join a community or pay for a quality client and not be able to use it or get the support that I need. I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I'm also not a complete dumb ass.

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Hello and welcome to Chods-Cheats.

Glad to hear you enjoyed my videos.

I always share my configs with other VIP members through our config submission section.

Once you become a VIP member you can get access to the download of any community made config currently on our forums (Including mine).

Using our cheat is fairly simple;

1) Download our client from the members panel.

2) Put the client onto your USB and launch it.

3) Login to ur account, select ur cheat.

4) Wait for a second beep sound -> Start ur game.

5) When you hear a third beep sound the cheat should be injected successfully.

6) Client will now delete itself from ur USB to avoid leaving any traces.

Inside our guide's section we have a beginner's startup guide aswell as other information you could find useful once you've became a VIP.

If you run into any errors dont hesitate to make a support thread in the appropriate section and you will be supported.

We pretty much got staff members online almost everyday aswell as helpful community members that most likely will have a solution to ur problem.

I hope I gave you an answer to all of ur questions.

Edited by Jstylah
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Hey brembo and welcome to the site :)

Just wanted to add a bit to the things already said.

The USB sticks that have problems are SanDisk USB's, this is due to some of them not showing up as a removable drive (USB) in windows causing the client to "incorrectly" not detect it as a USB.

The startup guide explains setup, member panel, hwid, configs, cheat/client.

If you find anything missing in the startup guide, please PM me I would love to get some feedback. (I personally haven't received any yet, so I assume the guide is good)

Yes jumpstylah's config is very legit, it is basically made with an aimbot that just gives you that extra edge you need when you're already decent at aiming.

I'm one of the staff members jump was talking about, I'm online pretty much everyday if I'm not on I likely have something important that day. (Which is a rare occurrence, but even on those days I usually jump on my phone)

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That is just awesome, I am extremely thankful for the support and time and effort you guys are putting into my thread to respond to me as quickly as possible as I'm a very impatient person lol. I will be buying the CS:GO cheat as soon as it's available. I tried to do it about an hour or so ago and realized why it wasn't showing is because the cheat is currently down for maintenance. How long has the cheat been down for? And just so everyone is clear, I'm not going to ask "How long do you think it will be down for?" lmfao.... Just curious if there was some set ETA that I didn't find on the forums or it has just recently gone down due to a VAC detection.

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The cheat has been down (and purchase) since the 23th September, this was a VAC detection.

You can find a list of all our VAC detections in our pre-sale FAQ list here: http://forum.chods-cheats.com/showthread.php?3-Pre-sale-Post-sale-FAQ#detections

No we currently don't have an ETA, we've posted 2 updates within the VIP section regarding this matter. We've added some new things so we need to make sure they work correctly.

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Mr. J-stylah. I do have a question on the side of all bussiness.... Sir, I would love to have a look at your selection of music inventory for my own personal use please ;) Totally digged the music on all the videos.... You gonna make me hold my phone up to the headphones and "Soundhound" it? lol Help a brotha out! lol

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That's a buzz kill. I was really looking forward for it being ESEA and CEVO proof.

There are no public cheats that work on ESEA, ESL, and EAC. The DeadC*** is a scammer, by the way. His cheats do not even work on VAC. He bans people from his forums if they say otherwise. You can read his reviews on cheatreport to see that his products do not work.

If you got the money you can find a coder who will make you a custom build non-visual cheat for those leagues. But you need to be careful since there is a lot of money at stake. But if you can do it, then it is totally worth it and you can cheat without much fear or getting banned anywhere.

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Be honest now.

Funny thing about all (public and semi-public/private) providers who claim to bypass ESEA, EAC, or ESL get banned in several months. 1 month is now considered "good", and 2 months is "amazing". Every single one of them. I do not consider two weeks to be "undetected". Goal is to cheat in leagues not in a few matches.

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