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Well I have yet to use this cheat due to the maintenance downtime but I have used ESP from another cheat for 3 months now and never got banned. It has gotten to the point where I tried my hardest to get banned for ESP. I raged every round including going against small streamers who caught me  looking through walls on his stream. All that ESP raging for 3months  with only ESP never got me banned. This is with another cheat though and I've been manually reported dozens of times for ESP wallhacks but never got banned. 


I'm curious to try out the speedhack and instant interaction completion features for this cheat. I know several cheaters who use a similar feature but with another cheat and they've not been banned. So things are looking good if you ask me. Detection rate for ESP and speedhacks are low for this game but not for teleport, godmode and flyhacks.


There's several features which are high risk of getting detected: Teleport and godmode. I used another cheat (Not Chodcheats) with these 2 features and got banned within 48 hours (Fun times doing gen infront of the killer and he can do nothing to stop me lmao, a billy tried to chainsaw, went straight through me and faceplanted the gen infront of me xD) so if you wanna use it, use it in moderation. Other than that ESP will almost never get you banned. Trust me, I've raged ESP for 3 months straight never got banned even when i was caught on stream and reported.


I hope this post helps, detection rate for ESP is very low. You need to look out for big streamers, if there's famous youtubers and twitch stars in your lobby, do try to avoid raging in their presence. 

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