First time buying here no regrets !

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First of all, I personally liked it a lot, I had never bought on this page, and I do not regret anything, fast payments, fast delivery and support almost instantly I love it.


Aiming: 9/10


The aimbot, the no recoil, the instant hit, everything works great what makes it seem like it doesn't work well is the reg hit, the game devs have to work on it.





I usually play well. hide and never let me notice, I have only used this option twice, it is some buggy option, you advance a considerable distance and it returns you to a certain point on the road, where you had already passed.





Nothing to say everything works great as expected




1.-It would be very good that apart from the no recoil, a recoil control or a configurable no recoil from removing 10% of the recoil to 100% for leggit playing.

2.-Add lines for the grenades in the esp, to be able to see where they are going exactly.
3.-And finally a panic key, to be able to deactivate all the ESP and the menu with pressing a key, and to be able to reactivate it with the same key


I hope my review is of some help, and I hope you consider my suggestions.THANKS CCteam



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