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How does the RCS or no recoil work? Spesificly I want to know:

1. If you don't aim at a target, does the hack control the spray for you?

2. (Mainly if the above answer is no) If you have low fov and the crosshair goes out of fov (to compensate for recoil) does the RCS stop working?

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The recoil control system automatically controls the recoil for you in a legit manner when you're using the aimbot.

If the "crosshair" goes out of the fov (because of weapon bobbing) then the RCS will stop working. It falls easier out of fov if you use no-sticky.

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1) The RCS strenght depends on the strenght of ur aimbot settings, the stronger/more blatant aimbot settings you use, the stronger ur RCS will be. You need to shoot at an enemy player to even make ur RCS work.

So the answer of ur first question would be: No.

2) Yes.

If you want to make a semi-legit strong RCS setting I suggest:

aimbot.fov 2.2

aimbot.aimspeed 3.2

aimbot.nonsticky 0

Random numbers i put together but its a good base then tailor it until you find the right values for you.

Remember the higher fov you go the more snappy the aimbot will be due to high aimspeed.

High aimspeed + High FOV does not work good together if you want a legit looking aimbot,

Low aimspeed + High FOV does work somewhat okey, but the RCS will work slower due to the low aimspeed.

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Yeah. I was just wondering because sometimes I miss the first few shots to the head and I start spraying going for more body shots / head.. However my recoil control is not that good so I miss a lot in those situations. That makes for a weird play with an aimbot that is so precise so much and then suddenly I have the worst control in some situations. :D

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