IF you get banned?

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Hi, I have a couple of questions. I have an idea how hacks work.


I won't play on my real account.


1. Should you use a VPN?

2. Should I reinstall windows if it gets detected?

3. Do they HWID ban? If so why is the spoofer disabled?

4. If I get banned is there a guide to follow to not get your real account banned?


Thanks I will buy once these questions are answered.



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1. Thats up to you
2. That would only be necessary if the game leaves tracing files but i dont think hunt showdown does that.
3. They do apply hwid bans, but usually not on first offense. The spoofer is disabled because its not working properly at the moment and it has to get a rework.
4. Try to play on a second alt account after you get banned to see if you are hwid banned. If thats the case you should get a spoofer (or get a working spoofer before)
Only alternative to that would be buying a new pc.

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On 7/28/2020 at 6:41 AM, Zerlox said:

If your second account gets banned. How quickly does that happen? To confirm HWID ban. 

A few games early on should do it, and is a good way to identify if you are HWID Banned. 

I believe DBD and Hunt dont leave files that identify cheaters, but im more than sure Apex legends does.

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38 minutes ago, linfeng said:



 Hey bud this is an English only forum thanks! 


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On 7/28/2020 at 12:04 PM, Zerlox said:

Hallo, ich habe ein paar Fragen. Ich habe eine Idee, wie Hacks funktionieren.


Ich werde nicht auf meinem echten Konto spielen.


1. Sollten Sie ein VPN verwenden?

2. Sollte ich Windows neu installieren, wenn es erkannt wird?

3. Verbieten sie HWID? Wenn ja, warum ist der Spoofer deaktiviert?

4. Wenn ich gesperrt werde, gibt es eine Anleitung, die befolgt werden muss, damit Ihr echtes Konto nicht gesperrt wird?


Danke, ich werde kaufen, sobald diese Fragen beantwortet sind.




hello, i have experience with Huntshowdown and HWID bans.

Unfortunately, the problem with me is, that I bought a new PC to be on the safe 
If you get banned from HWID, you won't find out until about 24-48 hours later.
(delay bans) 
I got banned from 4 accounts. I also assume that they are banning your 
IP address too. VPN is definitely necessary! I didn't use one, which resulted 
my second computer being banned too.

I hope you can understand my english, it's not the best.
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