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Before starting talking about cheat, i'd like to notice that Faceless was reliable and helpfull during the whole process of buying, installing (even in Teamviewer). 

PS: This review is 1 day after using. I'll do an update after 1 week of use.


Final note 7.6/10


Aimbot 7.5/10 🙃

The snapping, and FOV seems to work great. I've had few issues with precision in very long ranges, it was a bit shaky to me. And sometimes with hitbox (head, neck etc) missing target for few bullets. I don't know if it's because of "Prediction" option. Recoil seems to work great but not on "every" weapons! like the Havoc with his high rate of fire.

But i hope it could be worked-on and improve precision of aimbot in future updates.


ESP 9/10 🤗

Nothing much to say, it do the job. Possibly colors selection could be added for own customization. 


Misc ??/10 🤔

I can't say much on the misc either because it's rage cheating option and i play very casual style. 

Also saving settings of the cheat is a must have i think, a could definitly be added in further updates!


Price 6.5/10 ☹️

I Think this cheat is over expensive, particularly with gaypal option. (Around 45€/49$ for 1 mounth only). I could expect something more around ~30$ for a 10/10.  

Or a discount could be apreciated if the cheat is bought few times in a row.


Thanks again to Faceless for his help, and hope this review could help or not, the new customers! 👋

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Ive been testing out the APEX Legend hack more with dummy account, my first dummy account got banned already as I reported it in the ban section. I notice the aimbot at times, randomly twitches to a target that doesn't exist, this happens even when you're firing at the wall where you know for sure there are no enemies (as you can see with ESP).

I think this is NOT due to the hack, but when Apex's system has suspicion of you and set up fake invisible targets (I heard and based off my own experience) to see if your aim twitches to shoot these fake targets. Just be careful even if you have the settings to a very reasonable 1-2 FOV and like 8+smoothness, as this won't stop the random ghost twitching.

edit: tested with both Enabled and the Press Key To Enable command.

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