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please i'm brand new in cheating

could you please tell me if i will get banned quickly?


I'm really scared of losing my account but L'esp seems safe if we use the cheat when there is mark not detect the chance to make it banish its 0?


thank you so much


sorry my english sucks thank you very much for your understanding

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As you should understand, using a hack always carries a chance of being banned for cheating.


Although you can lower the risk using the cheats correctly, as it would be Using only the ESP or lowering the FOV of the aim a lot, increasing the smoothness to the maximum or minimum that seems legitimate.


The point of the hack is that you look like a legitimate player, if you go around using everything super obvious, the BAN will be faster.


My recommendation is to look for a configuration that seems legitimate or that suits your way of playing, and obviously DO NOT USE THE HACK IN YOUR MAIN ACCOUNT.


Hacks are usually very safe, there are players that last months, weeks, days or even years.


In my experience ... The apex was useful for 4 days (I did not configure it well and played a lot of ranked, it was quite obvious a lvl 30 already being platinum in 3 days).


And currently I have another account with 5 days and better configured and I have not had a BAN.


It is all I can tell you.


1.- Do not use it in your MAIN account.
2.- Use a configuration that seems LEGITIMATE and suits your WAY TO PLAY.

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