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I have used Chods Deadside cheat for around 15 hours now, and so far its been great. As usual with the platform the esp is pristine and offers everything you need. You are able to see food, weapons, ammo, wearable s, etc.. There is nothing on the esp you could possibly ask for, its all there. The speed hack is also very useful, I have been using this to run to millitary outposts, loot and run back to trader to maximize profit within a short time frame. The aimbot I have seen some complaining about, but honestly its still super powerful. I have eliminated over 50+ players and 100s of AI the aimbot works great if you just slightly pull down when you full auto. Furthermore, the functions in the aim tab such as no recoil and no spread help tremendously. Yes, aimbot is important but with those two functions alone you are going to win 90% of your gunfights. Combined with the Aimbot you will win 99% of your gunfights. ATM there is no admin tools except kick/ban so you can speed hack all you want just dont get spotted. 


Overall I would rate this cheat a 9.5/10. This would have received a 10/10 if the aimbot was as pristine as EFT but give it time and Im sure it will be there!


Happy Hunting!

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