Deadside Hack Review

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So I have been playing with this hack now for about 15 hours now and it's been great thus far.


The ESP is nice and crisp and clear so I always know where other players and NPCs are all the time aslong as they are within 425m which is a set value currently. With this knowledge I'm able to take down the missions on my own and can fully take control of the situation and always clear them out with a bit ease. You can adjust what Items you can see like Ammo, Clothes, Guns and more but a few things are currently missing that are not showing up like Metal Sheets and Burlap and maybe other things, all the important stuff is there and working fine. 


Now with the Aimbot, I did try it and I honestly couldn't get on with it. The only way I was making kills was when they were standing still or moving in a straight line towards me or away from me. For me I turn the Aimbot off as I feel that I can get on better by learning the games mechanics and just using the ESP to help me adjust for distance and direction. You learn the gunplay better through this method also. The game right now hasn't got the greatest Gun Mechanics at the moment but they will improve. 


The Hacks Interface where you can adjust values is super simple to use though alot has changed since the reign of Tarkov hacks from this site but the change is great and I have no complaints about the layout or the way it looks.


As of now I would say get this Hack. The Hack and game are both in real early stages of development and as the game gets updated so will this with new features and maybe improved Aimbot. 


ESP - 9/10

Aimbot - 4/10

Hack Interface - 7.5/10

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