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Hello there. I would like ask about something.  I recently notice most of time your cheats are all down due to detection, or some other stuff problems. So probably i think when some customers pay for your product, few days later actually got hit, and some people lose their game account or wating too long time for product getting up and running.  So just wondering have you event thinking about it, close all currently product are working on it, and maybe works on some normal games? For example this EFT have battle eye, so probably for coders here can be pain in ass or maybe spend a loot of time doing that or other.  I remembers the good old days, when there was csgo cheats, or some battlefield games and other. Really would like to see back csgo cheat. If could, will be just good focus for legit only. Not hack vs hack because chod have always good community, so bringing here all this putas probably will be not that good. And some battlefield series maybe? Or maybe your focus goal is stay with cheat what are here, and just improved security and keep runing?

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