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EFT Radar Hacks

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Hello chods team and community


I spent many many years hacking with the wonderful eft cheats from this site but we can all see its getting a bit dire in terms of cheats but i wanted to ask if you guys cannot look into developing these new hacks (never seen them before) basically they work off of a second machine and they just sniff packets using a vpn i believe and show you a location of every player loot etc. on a secondary map on your second machine (like a virtual live map ). its undetectable as your machine you're playing on has no hacks. i think that would be an amazing step forward as i cannot find one thats actually affordable they all have extortionate prices therefore im turning to the real pros :)


just wanted to make you guys aware of this new technique in case you can develop something professional and affordable


Thanks :)

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That’s too bad. I’d definitely throw Chod some money for an EFT radar. It’s the safest option until BSG starts encrypting their packets. It would definitely be a support nightmare though. Most people here can barely turn on their pc let alone configure a local VPN between two PCs. 

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