Is the price high? Sure. Is it worth it? Absolutely

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Let me start off by saying I've used multiple cheats by Chod's for the past year or two now. From CSGO when it was up, to EFT, and now APEX. Never once has one of my accounts been detected, or banned with their cheats. It's also good to know that if something DOES for whatever reason get detected (anti-cheats update too you know), then they immediately yank it before damage can be done.


Now for my review on the Apex cheat:


I've been using the cheat for a few days now, as I've been ranking, and I haven't run into a single issue with it yet.


AIMBOT: 9/10

If you are capable of configuring the aimbot correctly, this thing is just off the wall. I've had matches with 20+ kills, and all I have to do is aim relatively close.

I've seen threads with people complaining about having ISSUES with the aimbot "locking"; set a hotkey. Then it won't lock on until you're holding down the hotkey! (I use right click)

The FOV works perfectly. The recoil control is great, and the visibility check is 100% recommended in my opinion. That way if a bang pops smoke, you don't just gun them down through it.

The only reason this got a 9/10 is because there is no bone selection yet, but it is still in beta, so I'm not expecting it to be perfect.




Alright lets talk ESP. I love how it not only has the boxes that change colors depending on visibility, It also has the health/shield on the sides, so you know what you're going in to, or exactly how close someone is to being flesh/knocked. The only part I wish that could be updated about this, would be a colored bar instead of grey for shield, so you know what shield type they have. Although I don't know if this is possible, but it is the reason I gave this a 9/10 instead of a 10/10


Now I know I've seen people complaining about FPS drops while running boxes/1000m, etc. I personally have never ran into this issue. However, if you do have this issue, try turning off boxes, or reducing the distance. You don't really need to see everyone 1000m out anyways, because I can almost guarantee you aren't going to be engaging with them any time soon.



MISC: 10/10

Spectator Count is 100% working and is a life-saver. I have encountered no bugs with it. That way you don't give it away that you are cheating, if you are trying to seem legit.


Spectator Awareness is a feature that will DISABLE aimbot when teammates, enemies, or both are spectating, and it has saved my ass on quite a few occasions. The only downside is, now you have to rely on your own skill, and it gets intense if you're the last one in a 1v3 situation.





Third Person

Feature Info



So, is it pricey? Sure. Is it worth it? Absolutely. Overall I would give this cheat a  SOLID 10/10, and that's because the half-points I've docked in other categories are things that haven't even been implemented yet since the cheat is still in beta, or something that I thought might be cool to see in the cheat itself. I'm sure the staff here would agree with me that go ahead, shop around, and try to find a better cheat.


But I can tell you this: I've been using this one on the same account for over a week now, and I haven't been banned once. My buddy that squads up with me, that was making fun of me for paying "so much" for a cheat when his was "X amount" cheaper, is on his 4th account in the same time frame.


There's a lot to be said about who you buy your cheats from. Like I said before, I trust Chod's because they actually give a damn about their customer base. They provide excellent cheats, and excellent support/service. It's not one of these sites that toss a .exe program at you with a shitty D3D menu, then when you get banned they go "oh, well guess you didn't do it right!"


Yes, it's more expensive. But trust me when I tell you, it is absolutely worth the price for premium cheats, rather than risking your account to save a few bucks.

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Thanks you for this very well written review.


Its a joy when customers take the time to make a very detailed review so thank you yet again :)


As Spi said and you assumed, new features will keep comming, and you can allways help them along with voteing or suggesting new features on our roademap.

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