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Is the Tarkov cheat up ?


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From my understanding, more users means faster detection which potentially ruins the program foundation of the cheese for everybody. Hence the cheese will most likely be invite-only so a few people log on, play for a little while, then log off to avoid attracting heat.

Under such logic, I feel deeply that the only way to proceed is to hire professional programmers from career platforms to develop private cheese just for myself. That is, when I'm ready to put down that much money just to enjoy a game.

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Dude, this will be really tricky, because there is shitload of users who have "active" subscribtion pending with Tarkov.

I had like month or two when this all went down and the cheat was not active at all for almost 2 years now, if you do not count the 1 day attempts.

So if they go "invite only" it will be quite against their own rules of charging time back on downtime, because tons of people wont receive it.

I would appreciate to be for limited amount of people (A. because I am already trusted so I hope i have chance B. because too many people means higher chance of non-sw detecting)

About the "attracting heat". You have to understand that now is the fight on code level. There is no way they could find, catch, investigate people in 1 day the old way. It was just BE detecting some shit happening and banslapping everyone.

In my opinion there are only 3 possible things happening now:
A) chod is trying to come up with completly new method, such as officialy signing drivers used to be few years back - this can take shitload of time

B) chod is looking for some hole in BE defense we can use - in every program is a way in if you find it, i found a loophole in fucking bitlocker which should have been safest hdd protection but it takes time to find it and not every time you can abuse it or open for others

C) they gave up and wait for BE to gtfo from Tarkov - no idea if this is gonna happen, but we need to accept that this is business and we cant expect Chod to spend money like mad somewhere where he sees no future. BE games are really well protected, full package costs money, we can only hope that BSG runs out of money :D


Bear in mind, that this are only oppinions. Yes, I work as an IT, system designer, analyst and basically whatever is required by business in our company, so I have some insight into what is happening, but I never created cheats for game or exploited a game. So this is basicaly educated guess. We can not get news  because that would basically give way for spies to find the attempts. So lets sit and wait.

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Hi guys, I have been a chod customer for a long time. I am delighted with your service. It is true that in 2020 they detected us and they banned me worse as soon as I will buy again because they seem to me the most serious and legal. On the other hand, it seems to me that this year 2021 has been in an active cheat but I have not found out because I have not received any notification and I have not been looking every day. If that's the way it worked for them, I'm sure they'll activate it again right away.

Regards, and thank you very much.

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