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A question before i buy


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Just to be clear about something...

I use the same pc for my main account and second account...

If i buy the eft cheese and I use the HWID spoof the chance of being banned on my main account is non existing?


I also need to start the HWID spoof first before launching the cheat and then start the game? Is that the correct order?


Thanks for your help

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one more question... i have a dual boot system (both windows 10) one for the main account and one for the other.

The cheese makes some changes to the system and asks for reboot. does it affect the boot record or do files end up in the other windows install also?


thanks for my last and final question

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23 minutes ago, BigDildo38 said:

and how likely is it we get banned fo using cheats in tarkov



Doing obvious shit like, shooting scavs/pmc through walls and doors, bee lining pmcs and loot items 

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