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Hey guys, I'll start this post by saying the options I've used so far in the cheese are pretty freaking amazing. That being said I am already a plat-diamond player without cheese, I was mostly trying these out since a friend got me into it. I managed to reach plat in 2 days with these normally that would take me almost a month. I recently received the Violation CA  and i was wondering what settings you guys use to avoid any types of violations and how to pass off as legit? Also, I do get that inconsistency others are talking about when it comes to sniping, single shot, and burst fire weapons, however missing is not really a concern it's the buggy snap aiming at the ground and sky that bothers me, as that is a dead give away something is up. I haven't had a single person add me or message me calling me a cheeser or a good player so I'm not sure if I should take that as a sign that I'm passing it off well... I might hit up that road map thread and make a suggestion to add a macro for certain parts of the body example hold C to lock onto chest hold X to lock onto head even if it's wishful thinking at least I can feel I'm helping somewhat. Overall I would recommend these great job guys!


The options I use are ESP health shield 300 meters, spec count, aiming FoV 5.5 smoothing 5.1, visibility check, prediction, aimkey, recoil  and standalone standard pitch and yaw


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