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Hello current & non current apex cheeser's ive been using this cheese for around a month now and would like to put my thoughts across

Aimbot: Works as intended had no problems with this at all couldn't fault it Verdict:10/10

ESP: Once again works as intended and is super simple i would suggest using Glow & fade simplicity is key and has won me over Verdict:10/10

RCS: The RCS in this cheese simply put is fantastic works insanely well with the wingman & Hemlock [saw others say otherwise may share my config to help those users] the only reason i have given this .5 from ten is for the yaw for me the lower you put it seems to make no difference [with spectator on though makes no odds anyways] Verdict:9.5/10

Fake-Lag: Now this is such a meme turn on fake lag , collect wingman and watch all the hate messages come your way such a glorious little feat Verdict:11/10

Anti-Aim: I have not used this feature extensivley only once with a group of friends for a few seconds how ever i would suggest this could get you reported very quickly as you appear to look at the floor for everyone else Verdict:Non Applicable


Prediction: This feature is really good for those that lack in the tracking department. Its really smooth and rarely causes an issue at all ive tested it for a few matches and boy its good at what it does Verdict:10/10


I do have a suggestion however would be neat if we could change the glow colour as i have Deuteranopia[i struggle with alot of greens] but apart from that keep up the good work Chods Team

Overall: 10/10

All i can say is if the price is putting you off then dont let it. 100% worth the price tag

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Thank you for the great review!


Do take note if you havent allready, we have a roadmap where you can suggest features and changes you wish to see, and other can vote them up.

Mouce over Support and click on Roadmap.

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