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My Honest Review (2020)


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Ill make sure to keep this thread updated as i still have time left on my sub.


So far the paladins cheat has been decent the aimbot works and the esp is nice. I've noticed little things that could be fixed or changed however, The Visibility check for the esp seems to be funky at times. Heres what I mean Ill stand on one side of the map and stare into the enemy spawn and move behind a wall but for some reason behind said wall or rock/whatever I moved too it will still act as if players are "visible" sometimes which if you're playing legit ISNT very good if you hit your aimkey and lock on through a wall. Second thing thats ALSO ESP related the payload cart has its own esp box which is cool for people who need to spot it quickly and get moving BUT id like the ability to turn it off at will so I dont keep mistaking it for a player in fast pace situations. Third thing and I think its being worked on but im not sure, The Aimkey LAlt is ok for a default aimkey but sometimes when you need to use it or so I've noticed Ill press the aimkey and my game will freeze like I tabbed out or stutter and make windows error sounds, This can get pretty annoying and cause you to die if it decides to happen at bad times, So Yeah the ability to customize the aimkey to lets say a mouse button or just anything on the keyboard would be a massive yes please. Other than that the cheat Performs very nicely I'll keep updating the thread as time goes on and also alert of any detections.



Update - Cheat stopped working for me, Crashes on inject. rating 1/10 - will update if anything comes about it.


Update - After a few loader/cheat updates they finally helped me out and got it working. - Rating 8/10




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