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hello everyone i'm new to this site which looks like i already know the cheese well i'm here for the tarkov cheat when it is available again and i have some questions to ask if you don't mind
1: is the cheat easily detectable? is there a lot of risk of doing this ban if we use it normally for example just the esp?
2: is there a risk of using aimbot? because I know in some games like CSGO we can watch you and review your parties but on tarkov nobody has your pov and the parties are not recorded
3: since i am new will tarkov be available when i can buy it? and how it goes once buy I download the program I put it on the key I launch the software I run the cheese and I remove the USB keys and I launch the games?

thank you

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Historically all of chods products have very low detection rate. I have been here a year and no ban, however with the new BattlEye no one really knows yet just have to wait and see. Please know that there is ALWAYS a risk when cheating. So be safe play like you are legit and use a spoofer. You will probably be able to buy when it gets released SOON tm. Enjoy your stay and keep an eye on the news and cheat status page. 

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3 hours ago, iRi said:

okay thank you can you advise me what Spoofer ?

DO NOT buy any public spoofer right now as they are way more likely to get you banned than most cheats. Wait for chods to release one as it is included with the cheat package. Same logic applies to any BE game do not use public spoofers you'll get YEETED even if you aren't cheating.

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