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ESP would tell us about other cheese


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That seems like awesome idea, but I am not sure how would you want to recognize it.

Whole point of secure cheese is to not be detectable by the game. And cheese is displaying information FROM the game that is not accessible to you normally. Basically its not possible.

I doubt that ecen other Chods user would be detectable. 

Plus, you can quite easily recognize other cheeser. If in doubt and he is looking at you, try to wiggle. See if he wiggles back. I got quite a few "one-raid" teammates like this. Even had awesome fight in Dorms against dude who wiggled but yelled at me and we started fighting. Best peek war ever, two full mode on cheesers testing who has better aimbot :D


So, just watch how other guys walk, how they position, if they watch you  through the walls etc. DO nto forget that the game has still great sounds, so do not mistake ppl with good headset and comtacs on :)

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