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Yeah, thats right. So you can either play legit without spoofing, or spoof again and play with cheat. 


If you won't spoof your HWID while playing with cheese and getting banned and you start playing legit on a new account, you'll get the instant hit, because your HWID is flagged.

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But I cant use my bought hack anymore cuz when I spoof, the loader says "not valid HWID" ffs...

Maybe I must run loader with cheat first then spoof pc and then run game hmmm.... thats smells like other ban is coming

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if you are spoofing and cheating on tarkov which this thread is under they do account bans not hwid bans so spoofing to avoid a ban is useless. Now you can still spoof to avoid hwid and account bans as tarkov throws in both sometimes

hope this helps

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