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New, wanting to ask some questions


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Firstly, apologies if this is the wrong section of the forum to ask this question, mods please don't punish me.


I first came here for some EFT cheats, however have been completely surprised of the amount of cheats you guys offer and the level of respect the community (and myself included after reading the testimonials), that you guys have.


I have seen you have a Dead by Daylight cheat and wanted to ask some nooby questions, if I am allowed.


Firstly, if I were to buy this cheat, can I use it instantly after purchase, or do I need to get a link from a moderator / admin? 


Secondly, Does this spoof my HWID, as I already have a ban for hacking in legacy / cosmetics.


I would be using this cheat on a throwaway steam account anyway with a fresh install of DBD that I got when it was on sale, so I'm not to bothered about account bans, just more so HWID bans.


Thank you very much for your time reading this and answering my questions :)




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1 minute ago, ???????? said:


you will get instant access if our antifraud protection does not block you.

The spoofer is included in the DBD subscription and can optionally be used but what you pay for is the DBD sub only, the spoofer is just an extra.


Thank you very much for the fast reply, I appreciate it :)

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