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A few questions from a newbie


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Hello folks,


After countless of incidents where someone prefired me in a room while I did not move for a solid 10 minutes, I came to the conclusion I don't want to play fair either anymore, so I came here.


But I am new to all this ''hacking'' stuff, so please answer some questions for me about this topic ; 


1. It says the price is 49,99 pounds, is that a life-time hack or how does it work exactly?

2. Is it possible to pay with paypal?

3. What is ''raging''?

4. How exactly do you ''inject'' this hack? Is there a specific order you have to follow in order to not get detected?

5. If banned immediately (Say day 1, because it got detected the day I purchased it), how will that work with refunds or will I get a new hack?

6.  What is ''Tarkov Cheese'' everyone talks about?


This is it for now, please answer these questions if you will :)

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