My Review for Apex Legends

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Aimbot: 10/10 If you use it in a correct manner you can achieve how many kills you want, it's almost like there is no stop. 
ESP: 9/10 The esp is good, not too much of a clusterbomb and very easy to read off. The only thing in my mind that is missing out on the ESP is the Feature that shows the Bones, The Cheat is still in Beta so it's still good for what it has.
RCS: 9/10 If you configure it right it works like a charm.
Fake-Lag: 9/10 Can't really say much about this feature since I haven't used it that much yet but it's still a good feature.
Anti-Aim: 7/10 Haven't used this feature that much either. I'm more of a legit person than the average ragehacker.

Overall: 9/10

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