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Is the New Tarkov Cheats going to be invite only


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6 hours ago, Nora said:

Hey I'm new here sorry for the stupid comment, but im super exited to try out the tarkov cheese. Do i need to check the status and if it goes to " Undetected " then we can buy the cheese ?

Yes, you can keep an eye on the status page of the forums.

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22 minutes ago, bigdaddyTY said:

I wish they stayed more transparent a little and the community got updates, I would love to know something knowing nothing feels like I’m waiting for nothing like maybe it’s a problem they can’t fix but who knows 

Obviously you never searched our forum. We always provided progress updates.

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On 1/15/2020 at 11:35 AM, DoctorWho said:

Thanks Faceless :D
I ment more like a eta or something


ETA's are never given out here there will most likely be a top banner and news post when the cheese is ready to be sliced again 
would def advise not asking for eta's


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