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Re purchasing EFT


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I am a longtime customer, and saw that EFT was for sale again. Buy I am unable to renew, because it's been a bit. So I went to the store, and it says that EFT is not in stock. Is this an error?


I know it was up for a bit. And I don't mind if it needs more time, but I would like to purchase my copy.

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The thing is, it was finished and released. There was an update on December 29th about it. So people have already purchased and used it.

On 12/29/2019 at 6:06 AM, ???????? said:

just to let everyone know, we are still looking into the reason for the bans. To make it clear, not everyone got banned, the majority of users is still fine.
Please don't think that the cheat was never undetected as i saw some people assuming this. We would not release a cheat if we werent sure that it's undetected.
We all know that BSG and BE are watching us and take action immediately so i can't go into details here. BSG always had a special focus on us, maybe they don't like us for some reason. ?
We will keep working on it and let you know if there are any news that can be shared.


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