Apex Legends Review

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To begin i've only used this cheat for about 24hrs now and its great for average price. 

First of all it's good that the loader reminds you to spoof your HWID (even tho it seems not to change anything in the profile but whatever its a free game)  Second of all it has a great visual cheat works great with glow, health and shield (my fav setup) which is probably a 10/10 for me playing legit. 

now for the semi disappointing part... the aimbot which is still a Work in Progress (WIP)  so i don't mind because i rarely use aimbot but i have it on for the god moments to show off to people how much "skill" i have, which brings me to a minor issue - hold right click for aimbot is not a big issue i just rebind my Aim Down Sights to a mouse button but again WIP so it will be good when that is finished. Recoil controll is great but i don't know if i'm retarded or i just don't understand the setting but with it enabled absolutely no recoil which is great but when trying to hide the fact its hard spraying long range its obvious to see if spectating.

My second favourite part is AIMBOT DISABLES WHEN BEING SPECTATED thats amazing ive encountered this with other cheat providers but A) didn't work half the time or B) there cheat gets detected within 72 hrs,

And you can see how many people are spectating you and that's great. also i won't forget the bullet prediction it good it feels like sometimes it is godly and sometimes it's ok but i feel it's more user error than cheat error in my opinion


Overall score -      Visual cheat - 10/10

                                    Aim Assistant - 7/10 

                                   Recoil  Control  - 9/10

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