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Can we get 2 diff tarkov cheese


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Being my moto is #wallsonlyaimbotisforbitchs  can we get 2 diff versions 1 that only offers walls and items filters and another that offers everything like aimbot and all that for the shitters?


Ive watched tons of bans go down and laugh when the person says " i only used walls " well thats a lie. I walled only never turned on another feature and made it thru 6 ban waves. Meanwhile the ones using aimbot speedhacks extended arms and whatever else features it offers are the ones getting  busted left and right.


Id feel much better knowing im not gonna have a chance at being detected only using walls because other idiots are speed hackin around aimbotting everything that moves including birds flying on maps lol 


A criteria to buy would also be nice.. Maybe add a certain length u gotta be an active member of the site or gaining a certain reputation before getting access to certain game cheese's.


A cheese that offers all features and a cheese that offers walls only with item filter in my eyes could fetch the same price tag. While one offers more features for the price the other adds security because you wont gotta worry about someone some idiot speedhacking and whatever else getting everyone busted. 


Sorry I hit a dab and waiting on some pizza so figured Id come rant.


Love you all ❤️




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